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The Lewes Artists Studio Tour is an annual art event in the Delmarva region. It presents a unique opportunity to enter the working environments of  regionally and nationally acclaimed local artists.

You will have the chance to enter the raffle drawing for a unique piece of art that each artist will be offering as a thank you for your visit.

The location of the studios covers an area in both the historic Lewes town center as well as in the newer residential areas a couple of minutes from down town Lewes.

The resounding success in years past, the Lewes Artists Studio Tour promises a day filled with color and form, light and shadow and an inspired view of the Eastern Shore through the eyes of our artists.




“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 


  1. Susan Bartley
  2. Sandy Buckworth
  3. Kathy Buschi
  4. Jean Doran
  5. David Scott Ennis
  6. Peter Feeney
  7. Roy Fitzgerald
  8. Kim Hanna
  9. Bev Harington
10. Dean Hoover
11. Becki Mott-Lynn
12. Nina Mickelsen
13. Aina Nergaard-Nammack
14. Marilyn Nugent
15. Steve Rogers
16. Wes Stack
17. Jeff Watson
18. Kevin Fleming


  1. Connie Ballato

  2. Susan Bartley

  3. Kathy Buschi

  4. Jean Doran

  5. David Scott Ennis

  6. Joan E. Fabbri

  7. Peter Feeney

  8. Roy Fitzgerald

  9. Kevin Fleming

10. Bev Harrington

11. Jean hoover

12. Ruth Anne Kaufman

13. Mary Louise Lauffer

14. Lorelei Meanor

15. Becki Mott-Lynn

16. Nina Mickelsen

17. Aina Nergaard-Nammack

18. Marillyn Nugent

19. Sarah Pavlik

20. Steve Rogers

21. Wes Stack

  1. Susan Bartley
  2. Judy Demeno
  3. Perry Drevo
  4. Jean Doran
  5. Peter Feeney
  6. Kevin Fleming
  7. Susan Frey
  8. Bev Harrington
  9. Lorelei Meanor
10. Nina Mickelsen
11. Rebecca Mott
12. Marilyn Nugent
13. Steve Rogers
14. David Scott-Ennis
15. Wes Stack
16. Jeff Watson